The Story So Far


The Blue Garden Cafe derives it’s name from two sources. The first being Blue House Farm which is the name of the old farmyard that has occupied the site long before Clacton-on-sea existed. It was one of two farms that adjoined the old St.Osyth to Great Clacton Road. The other was called White House Farm.

THE 1970'S

White House Farm has long disappeared under the outskirts of Clacton but thankfully the old buildings of Blue House Farm remain as they now house Clacton Garden Centre which was opened in 1969. It is, of course, the Garden Centre that gives the Cafe its other name - not forgetting the fact that our Cafe will have a strong floral theme with a garden to the rear.



Construction of the cafe building was started in the spring of 2019. By the autumn a stunningly glazed ‘garden atrium’ style building had emerged from the ground.

It’s design is partly inspired by the famous Nash Conservatory in Kew Gardens.

Summer 2020

JULY 2020

By July 2020 the garden was starting to take shape. With time the plan is to establish more extensive gardens for customers to enjoy.

Summer 2020

JULY 2020

With an emphasis on ‘local and fresh’ a vegetable and herb garden has been established in the grounds.